Connected in Local, Education & Research.

Local: Digital Transformation of local products and services
Education: Research-oriented & Ontology-driven
Research: Reproducible & Product-oriented


Local - TeraLocal Website

Kirana shops can show their products and get orders online. This adds a new revenue channel without any extra cost. Delivery and Payments options are integrated. Suppliers without any physical store can also participate. Customers can shop from a particular kirana, or get a good local deal through recommendation. Shopping is location-aware. Customers can change the center and radius to have a remote or roaming shopping experience. Some of the key-features of the App:
  • Shop anywhere with local knowledge
  • Store pick up or Home Delivery
  • Payment at store or various online options
  • Suppliers can manage their delivery agents
  • Select an address as a search center
  • Businesses know their customers better
  • Businesses can provide advanced time-based promotions

Education - TeraDemy Website

Affordable mini-courses focused on specific use cases. Five key learning points are identified for each course. A central theme is to give a top-down view on the particular use case. Students get a detailed view of the course to make an informed decision. There is an overview video that gives an outline of the course. Each point has a corresponding short video that explains the purpose and the content. Some of the key-features:
  • Courses are short - 2 or 3 sessions
  • All instruction takes place online (Skype)
  • Session recordings, and associated study materials are available
  • A course typically costs around ₹1k or $14
  • Question-Answer: Support for 5 questions

Research - TeraFair Website

We organize the data and algorithms of a scientific query to accelerate research. They are organized carefully for resuse and aim to follow the FAIR principles. Research artifacts that are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reproducible) (FAIR) promote great reuse. The key benefits:
  • FAIR research accelerates funding. Make your data and code available in a more organized way. This improves your research impact and helps with your own future research.
  • expedite the review process by sending a link that shows detailed and interactive data analysis
  • outsource your scientific computing to focus on your research

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