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Digital Transformation of local products and services

Product: Location-aware online ordering from Kirana stores
Service: Reducing waiting-time in medical appointments

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Roaming Online Ordering from Kirana with Recommendations

Kirana shops can show their products and get orders online. This adds a new revenue channel without any extra cost. Delivery and Payments options are integrated. Suppliers without any physical store can also participate. Customers can shop from a particular kirana, or get a good local deal through recommendation. Shopping is location-aware. Customers can change the center and radius to have a remote or roaming shopping experience. Some of the key-features of the App:
  • Shop anywhere with local knowledge
  • Store pick up or Home Delivery
  • Payment at store or various online options
  • Suppliers can manage their delivery agents
  • Select an address as a search center
  • Businesses know their customers better
  • Businesses can provide advanced time-based promotions

Reduce waiting-time for Medical Appointments

Easily make a medical appointment to your choice of doctor from home. Reduce waiting time and avoid unnecessary visits. The primary benefits:
  • Find doctors in your local area by specialty, name, location, and fees
  • See the available days and times for all doctors in your area
  • Get reminders on the upcoming appointments

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